Being Human: Part Three

Can We Really Do It Again?

All of us instinctively suspect there is something special lurking in the mystery we call life, although we have yet to puzzle out what that priceless thing is. And deep within us we know there is something sacred in this magnificent universe, even though after searching for eons that divine meaning still escapes us. And perhaps most tragically of all, we still can’t seem to find where we really belong, or how to truly care for each other in our frantic, desperate lives here on earth. Truth be told if some superior alien life force would trouble to examine us clearly, the one incontrovertible certitude they would find is how stultifyingly ignorant we are. All of us.

Yet we still labour on. Yet we still believe. Yet we still offer up the moments and years and the life blood that surges and sings in our veins to the “system”, status quo rat race and posturing, masquerading Global Fools atop it who mercilessly believe they are “Gods” on earth who own us, feed upon us and righteously deserve all our hard earned bounty. Far beyond our unsung, gallant and captive lives, they revel in the obscene wealth we have created under the illusion of grandeur that they are “chosen” masters of the universe with the right to exploit, dehumanize and even exterminate the life force within us, corrupting and destroying our beloved biosphere and obliterating the Human dream that our heroic, valiant ancestors have kept alive through monstrous, cataclysmic agonies and stark horror since the beginning of time

And all of this tragic, sorrowful modern human torment is now being stealthily ravaged upon us in their blind catastrophic ignorance…just to save themselves.

It is not possible to even imagine how abominably ignorant these mutant, deranged, and seemingly inhuman, colossal Global Fools are. Yet in their supreme position lording over our civilization they are manifesting the extreme expression of a lethal ignorance rooted deep within our primitive Human consciousness that fatally infects us all. It is that secret, unexamined and malignant, prehistoric ignorance that is destroying our civilization.

And if our life force is to endure on this earth, the stark lesson we must face is that this savage, deadly ignorance simply means that our species is not yet fully evolved. Our only hope for survival then is if we, as one united life force come to the lightning bolt clarity of vision to realize that we either somehow evolve beyond it, or die.

We have done this before. Concealed in the astounding Great Leap forward now buried in the faraway shadows of deep time a metamorphic life-saving evolution happened in those primeval Human minds. All that we now call culture, civilization, reason and critical thought blossomed from that one crucial, transformative evolution that somehow crystallized in the besieged and astounding awakening minds of our courageous ancestors long and long ago. We must begin to appreciate that it has all happened before. We need to understand that this secret evolution of our Human life force is simply how we have survived, until now.

And so the next time you are surrounded with the scatterling potential of Human beings gathered in seeming confusion carelessly drifted all around you, take a good long look and ask yourself the only question vital for a life force questing to survive through the ages…

”Can we really do it again?”