Being Human: Part Four

I have heard it said that the galactic centre of our Milky Way is so luminous that were it to be clearly seen and directly visible to us our world would be bathed in brilliant light and a refractory eternal glow that would allow us to live all our lives in a world where light would never abandon us again, and the deep, mysterious dark of black night would cease to exist.

All we really see are a relatively small number of stars and galaxies far removed from the brilliant, incandescent galactic center. But no Human on earth has ever seen that spectral, radiant grandeur that would be an unforgettable glory and a magnificent luminescence where all humankind would exist forever in an eternal, brilliant radiance that would rival the light of the sun.

But in the evolution of our species we have managed to discover the incredible truth that since the beginning of Human existence on earth, deep clouds of interstellar gas and dust have completely obscured that magnificence. It is and has always been invisible to us. That secret brilliance has been unknown and essentially even beyond our imagination.

And after a lifetime of doggedly puzzling things out, I have discovered another similar and extraordinary mystery of something our species has been totally oblivious and blind to. And it is also an astounding and incredible discovery that it is simply beyond our present imagination.