Beginning Again

“From every corner of our world the evidence is becoming stark and terrible.  We appear to be headed into a dark night for the Human species.  It is a shattering terror that is almost impossibly raw and brutal to face, and we seem helpless to halt this downward spiral.  Not that we haven’t raged against it.  Not that we haven’t moved heaven and Earth in herculean effort to try to escape, to find a way out. Our world is alive everywhere with the hope that we can.  That the Human species will somehow survive.  To the end there will always be that hope.  In the lost darkness, in the chaos, in the raging blind terror, brutal savagery of crushing fear that candle has always burned.  Somehow it never dies.

But it is not enough.  We need the chance to begin again.  We need a chance to start over…fresh…somehow doing things differently…opening a door into a new Universe and a new Human dream.  All of us desperately need to find a new way to be Human on this Earth.”

P. 2, A New Way to be Human on Earth. © 2012 James L. Anderson