Another Country Heard From

You and I, in these days. At this time, have the incredible, impossible job to create a New Human World in this fractured and panic-stricken civilization where hope and faith in a better world can come alive in our world again today. We have to start again to believe in and build a new future for us all. Together. Against all odds.

To begin, we must comprehend a difficult truth that we can only think, see and live “parts”, never the Whole…and not only do we not comprehend why? we were given the gift now of life — but do not understand and cannot resonate to what actually IS the true destiny and meaning of this magnificent universe because we now can only live separate, disconnected and “solitary one” lives that we have never yet escaped or at last truly SHARED. We cannot come together and survive because we are not fully evolved.

We do not now know anything except the primitive, ignorant “Self”, I, ME each of us live all of our private, lonely lives. We cannot and simply do not really know anything else like we know what we touch, see, experience and live. We have to LIVE each other’s lives to truly know each other…and to truly CARE for each other like we now obsessively, ignorantly and “selfishly” care for ourselves. Absolutely nothing else is this vibrant, this real, this true…until we evolve the outrageous ability to share life itself. With the SYMBOLS, logic, rational reason, science and the colossal perfectly discrete and DEFINED Ordered Web of mathematics and astounding technology…we are really only ignorantly seeing OURSELVES everywhere populated and mirrored in what actually is an illusion. A Grand Illusion that is not Universe. Somehow we must awaken to see this, or our childen’s children will never walk this earth “Being Human”… ever again.

…and with all this technology, AI and our flawed artificial, alternate SYMBOLIC “intelligence”, our Life Force instead of Creating a Human heaven on Earth, we— along with the Global Fools are using all this artificial “intelligence” and secreted technology to enslave and stealthily SPY upon each other, not to set us free.

And these monstrous GLOBAL FOOLS now masquerading as Gods today are really only the alien, inhuman “extreme expression” and terminal phase of the monstrous ignorance we all “selfish” creatures blindly and ignorantly manifest in this horror disintegrating civilization that is now destroying our HUMAN life force on earth, today.

There is something ahead, beneath the surface now, that is more important than power, politics. profit or propaganda. It is about a civilization, a life force, a dream that is yet unfinished. It is about finally fulfilling the destiny that we were all created for. It is about fashioning a human world and a human society free of greed, brutality, inhumanity or agony. It is about living together in peace and harmony and joy. It is about a human revolution that is yet undone, a better world that is yet to be. It is about carrying an ancient dream into a new universe…and a new human spiritual renaissance. Something impossible, never done before. Hand in hand…together.

“The Whisper of a Dream”, Saltspring Soliloquies © 2016

And it now is beginning to seem reasonable to suspect that “They” have stepped beyond all morality, decency and elemental humanity, insanely believing “They” righteously deserve to become sacred and divine Gods of ‘SELF’ on this Earth that are ordained to destroy, derange and dehumanize Humankind justifiably…to save their sacred Gloried “SELVES”…not to save the Human Dream that we all are.

If such a monstrous insanity is now abominably afoot in this our modern terrified and disintegrating world today… you and I somehow must now gather together, finding a higher mindscape to galvanize around and do the impossible again…to evolve…and survive. In spite of everything. Against all odds.

You and I must begin by focusing upon the secret truth that we were created Human and given the glorious gift of LIFE for something incomprehensibly more than all this modern selfish madness that is driving us to extinction. We were created to EVOLVE.

And the first outrageous baby step in that evolution into a New Species, and a New Way to be Human on this Earth is to begin to “Share” life itself and learn what it will be like to live another Human life than our own.

We will then at last have opened the door to escape oblivion and extinction, and have set our Human life force on the path into a new Golden Age in the future for all of our children’s children where each of us CARE for each other as we now obsessively, instinctively and totally care now…for ourselves.

In the myriad collage of countless varieties of Humans on this earth all of us live lives of endless varieties of different forms, shapes, “amenities” and gifts. We speak thousands of different tongues. Are red, yellow, black, white and brown and all manner of shades between, and we range all over the scale in every depth and dimension you can imagine. Yet somewhere at the root center of us all we are the same. The same.

As besieged as our world may seem, now, – hanging on masked, social distanced and imprisoned in this inhuman, alien and dark despairing world today… we have a chance to do something that is simply truly Human now beyond belief in our impossibly difficult lives today.

We can evolve and learn to truly “Share” our disconnected, discrete lives where we at last truly CARE for one another, becoming a United, Family of Humankind…where the Human Dream finally comes true.

Etched forever into the saga of universe is an indestructible truth that we can no longer turn away from, but must face full on in this “age of consequences.” It is the lesson of life, and eternity. It is what universe means. We must play out our part. We must bring the human dream home. We have always secretly known that universe would one day summon the life spirit inside us to a final confrontation. A confrontation with ourselves. The final challenge to be what we were created to become. Deep inside in the heart center we have known that there will come a point where humankind and universe itself will be poised finally on the threshold of total oblivion, or a new dawn…a new dream. This is that point. This is that dream.

“Metamorphosis” from Saltspring Soliloquies © 2016