All of Us are Special

All of us are special. All of us are what we call Human. None of us are “chosen”, but we are all a whispering part of a magnificent whole. We are part of a divine becoming. But we are only a shadow mirror of a sacred Continuum that is in a sanctified evolution that is being born all around us, always. And that murmuring truth haunts us for every glorious moment we are alive.

Each of us carry a dream that was manifested when we were given the gift of life. It is simply the Human Dream. And it is only this dream that makes us “special”. Nothing more. Nothing less.

From out of the darkness we emerged carrying a dream. Carrying a gift. Carrying the light. And the reason, and the divine destiny of “why?” haunts us. All we know and instinctively resonate to is the eternal, essential truth that courses through us with every heartbeat and every breath we take.

We were born and given the gift of life for a sacred reason.

The Dream we are is not enough. There is something much, much more we were born to find. Born to become. There is somewhere and some place we must somehow find where we belong. We are only the part seeking the Whole. The Human Dream we are must come home to the Destiny and Dream that is Universe itself.

This expectant Universe is waiting for that convergence. And deep within us we know we will be welcomed when we finally find our way home.

But it is not enough. And it is a lesson that sometimes takes our whole dreaming lives to learn. Our world is disintegrating around us because in our foolish ignorance, we have strayed from this glorious destiny.

Best we change course, and find the light.