A Secret to Tell

“There is a secret we have yet to uncover, you and I.  A secret that we have kept buried.  Yet, it has haunted us from that secret lair since the beginning.  It cannot remain a secret any longer.  It is time.  The story must be told.  We live our separate lives.  We try to share, communicate, love and escape.  We do our best.  We always have.  I touch, taste, hear and see.  I live.  It is a fulminating circle all around me.  I suppose and suspect it is the same for you.  But I can not be sure.  I simply do not know.  No one has ever known the secret of what it is like to live another life.  That impenetrable mystery still remains, yet instinctively it must be the same for us all.  At the center for us all there is is this vivid, vibrant “circle of light” that we experience and know as life.  It is the convergence from which each of us radiate our existence and our consciousness.  This each of us know.  And we know this in separate isolation.  It is a glory and a magnificence that is beyond translation. So we keep it to ourselves.  But even in that silence and that separateness, it connects us all in a common bond.  A common destiny.  A common dream.  You and I live the intensity and rhapsody of life.  This each of us know, even if we cannot translate and share it.  We breathe.  We live.  We know the serenade and the song of being.

But also deep within us…deep within that visceral isolated knowledge is the stark truth and revelation that what we live is only a pinpoint of existence.  It is limited.  Incomplete.  Fragmented.

And there is something else that deep within us we know.  Somewhere within us all is the subliminal knowledge that this incomplete fragmentation is the root source of the insoluble mystery and enigma of our awareness…the confoundment of our existence.  And so the endless journey for Humankind is to heal that broken isolation.  To somehow find a way to expand that pinpoint of existence we know as life to where it converges with universe…with the whole.  To belong.  The saga of humankind has been the story of this quest.

For thousands and thousands of years human beings have been trying to do exactly this.  We have tried to breathe life into universe and to find a way to live and know universe to the same intense degree that we know our own separate and discrete lives.  We have fashioned an order and a configurement of universe built upon the part, and the discrete fragment that mirrors the irreconcilable isolation and separate “circles of light” we are condemned to live.  And so we have laboriously learned to symbolize, define, order and quantify the universe around us.  It has been an extraordinary, incredible and magnificent effort.  But it has not been enough.  And it is time we face the truth.

There is a secret hidden that we must dare to expose.  We have failed.  We have failed to truly live and know universe.  We have not escaped the prison of our own isolated, separate and discrete lives.  Beyond the pure brilliant light and true glory that each of us live in total, abstract and discrete isolation everything else is only conjecture, approximation and careful contrivance.  All we have created is simply the illusion of reality.  We still do not know.  Beyond the intense vibrancy and validity of our lives, we really know nothing at all.”

Pp 119-120 “A Secret to Tell”, Saltspring Soliloquies ©2016 by James L. Anderson

You and I are living in raging, wild and incredible times.  It is becoming a commonplace discussion everywhere about the “end of times”, and the destruction and extinction of the human species itself.  It is such an unhinged, terrifying dimension.  And most of all it is surrounded everywhere with profound, colossal ignorance.  If we are to trouble among us the stark matter of the end of all or our lives…perhaps it is time we seriously and desperately begin to deeply examine what this thing is that we call life, and try to open that door hidden within us all that secrets the reason why we all were given this precious gift.  You and I are meant for something magnificent far beyond the inane and inhuman matters that now devour our bewildered and frantic lives.  It is time we appreciate this, and gather together to seek the reason why were born.