A Different Way

Everything we trust and believe to be true, eternal and structured, ordered and safe in this universe is built upon our bastion of modern logical, rational and symbolic thought that founders all meaning and reality for Humankind, now. But as a life force we now are witness to the truth that our logical, supreme, scientific, rational and “critical” thought is actually deeply flawed and fatally invalid. This modern, terrifying, inhuman and disintegrating world makes that stark fact indelibly clear. And we will not survive unless we find a New Way to be Human on Earth and evolve into what will become a higher consciousness…and a new species on this planet. 

That metamorphosis can only be found together…hand in hand.

The idea that a Human being can somehow escape beyond their own lives and know and perfectly “share” another life is outrageous. It seems to be simply an impossible and preposterous dream. Yet how impossible is it to theorize that primitive apes foraging in the trees may one day escape the bonds of Earth to walk on the moon, or to see with awakening eyes the splendid gossamer, blue jewel of our Earth star from the darkness of deep space?

The simple statement that Human beings are destined to one day completely and totally “share” the incredible and staggering magnificence of another living life itself is nothing less than incomprehensible, metamorphic and astounding. It is patently an impossible dream now beyond the horizon of imagination and our presently primitive awareness. 

But, it just happens to be true.

If we could all escape our own limited, private and “solitary one” mindset, and somehow engage the transcendent, multidimensional, omniscient and consummate Universe beyond us we could begin to grasp the truth that our drive to find Love, the stray and crude efforts at human interconnection, communication and psychic convergence that we instinctively attempt in subtle social and interpersonal expression or in symbolic words, messages, images and electromagnetic packets flung outside of ourselves into the Unknown void that now tragically isolates us, are all infantile beginnings of something far beyond our present primitive comprehension. They are all really an opening door to a metamorphic transformation where we will be finally be able to “share” and truly know other lives, and Universe, beyond ourselves.

Our curious and fledgling intimations of a strange and entangled Universe, telepathy, extra-sensory perception and divine spiritual enlightenment…the provocative premonitions of precognition, remote viewing, paranormal and psychic clairvoyance; and the ageless transcendental intimations of Heaven, Ecstasy, Brahmic Bliss, Sartori, Tao, Zen, and Paradise etc. must be seen in a new light. They are all elemental Human efforts towards a magnificent evolution into another Universe where Human life could be known and shared together. 

Part of that evolution and Metamorphosis of the Human mind requires that we finally understand that in our ancient cultures the visions and spiritual quests of our Shamans, Holy Ones or Mystics were not irrelevant or inane…but vital and crucial links in the Human evolution towards becoming a New Human species on this Earth.

Every Human that has ever walked this earth have been warriors in the enigmatic and spiritual battle to find the path to survival…to become “Whole” and find within us all the secret voyage to discover a New Way to be Human on this planet.

The Great Spirit that shadowed our ancient primitive cultures in a mystery land beyond us is no different than the perplexing and disturbing presence of “meaningful coincidence”, and the peculiar anomalies and non-linear, non-local “violations of causality” in quantum physics that secretly illuminate a different dimension and Expectant Universe where “sharing” our lives themselves would be possible, natural and normal.  

I think it is time that we Humans begin to focus together on the impossible idea that Human beings could…and will someday evolve the ability to “share” life. And when we do, we would leave this global insanity we now call civilization behind us, and our life force would gather together in a higher consciousness and evolve a species that is destined towards light, not darkness…towards a perfect sublime Unity…not hate, ignorance and hopeless, chaotic disintegration. Think about it. It would be a world where “Being Human” would never be a lonely, aching, sorrow Trail of Tears ever again.

And our children’s children would survive in a new Golden Age on this planet, where the Human dream on earth would finally come true. 

Imagine that.

And our Human Life force on this earth will begin again.

In a different way. 

Our children will stand and grow together in a future world of Peace, Unity and Sacred Caritas forevermore.

And they will survive on for us all.

We are close…you and I.

Close to the Great Leap Forward that will open the door and bring us home to the cosmic, everlasting resolution and answer to why we were given the gift of Life and what this magnificent Universe is destined towards…everywhere.

Beyond our primitive comprehension now, all around us everything is orbited and radiated towards a yet unborn, un-evolved and ultimate perfect UNION of all creation that mysteriously orchestrates and manifests itself in what we call Universe and life. 

If only we could but see…and belong in that flow.

We just have to leave a primitive and prehistoric ignorance behind us and play our part in that fulminating rhapsody by evolving the sublime ability to unify the life we all now can only experience and know separately. One day soon Human beings will be able to live and share each other’s lives. Wait for it.

Beyond words. Beyond laws. Beyond facts. Beyond Reason. It lies there ahead of us expectant and patient. Waiting for our species to flow and evolve Home. Where we belong.

Free and together at last.

The long endless journey done, behind us