A Better World

“In the current of a river there are sometimes wave distortions concealing grave obstructions hidden deep beneath the surface that disrupt the flowing continuity.  Just so in the endless concourse of our lives lurking in tempestuous turmoil there are lethal obstructions secreted, holding us back from flowing home.  Hidden there are obstacles that do not fit, that interrupt and distort the sublime harmony and threaten to destroy us.

All of us today are adrift in treacherous and deadly rapids unable to reach the calm, untroubled waters marking the enfolding flow and sacred destiny of universe. To navigate through that Hell all around us now, we must see the rocks deep beneath us clearly, conquer them and voyage beyond all this wild, savage madness that threatens to end Human life on earth for us all.

To help see things more clearly, after a lifetime of persistent and tenacious pursuit I have managed to capture and clarify a few important things that will transform this Human tragedy on earth and launch the journey home.  As a preamble to that voyage, there is one concept I have discovered that would end the wild, savage chaos now devastating our civilization and harmonize the magnificent potential that is now buried deep within all of us today.

If we Human beings on this earth truly cared for each other as we now obsessively, instinctively and fanatically cared absolutely for our own personal, private lives…this brutal human world would be transformed incontrovertibly into a paradise on earth. Try to imagine what that would be like.”

p. 3,  The Way Home © 2014-2016 James L. Anderson